Rossopomodoro's Gluten Free Pizza

March 14, 2016

I really, really, really love pizza! And I think most people do. 

I've tried gluten free pizzas at several restaurants, Pizza Express, Zizzi, Prezzo, Hell's Kitchen, anywhere that has gluten free pizza I'm bound to try it. 

But one place I hadn't tried was Rossopomodoro. They have gluten free dough, but on their website it says they cannot guarantee a completely 100% gluten free environment. I do get very scared when I saw that, but we were meeting friends and decided to give it a try. When ordering, I told the server to be as careful as possible. 

I ordered just a gluten free Margherita with mushrooms and it was delicious! I'm usually a cheese monster, so when I initially saw the pizza I was like there isn't much cheese! But man the dough made up for it. The dough was something I had once tasted at an Italian bakery in Milan. It has this delicious sweetness and very different taste to normal pizza. It was just sooo good! I was telling myself, I wasn't that hungry, but I ended up finishing the whole pizza. 
I wish they sold the pizza dough, just as bread sticks as well, man that would be tasty! 

And the best part, I didn't feel sick after. I always tell restaurants to take the precaution to be extra careful and I'm happy most of the time I'm ok! 

Pizza Union's Gluten Free Pizza

October 20, 2015

I love pizza. It might just be one of my favorite foods. I could probably have it several times a week too and not get sick of it! 

One weekend, hubby and I were walking around central London and we came across this place called Pizza Union. We saw a board outside the restaurant and at the bottom in size 16 font it said they have gluten free dough for £1 extra! Hubby, who is also a nutso pizza lover, and I got very excited!

We went in and ordered a four cheese pizza and it was delicious! It reminded me very much of NYC pizza. The cheese and the sauce were delicious. The price is also amazing with the portions you get. 

However, just the other night I went with my friends to the Kings Cross branch and when I put my order in I  warned by a staff member that it is cooked in the same oven as the normal pizza. She said she could not guarantee it is completely GF. I said could you please clean the surface etc, but she didn't really make an effort. Which was really disappointing. 

I felt a tiny bit off after the meal, but not too bad. 

The pizza is very delicious and I do recommend it, but you have to hope when you go that the staff will be accommodating as much as possible.

Coori's Gluten Free Ravioli in London

August 12, 2015

Coori's Gluten Free Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli


So when I went gluten free almost five years ago, I didn’t have it before I stopped gluten. (bad idea)

I’ve searched high and low for gluten free ravioli and to be honest it doesn’t really exist. In the United States, which is gluten free heaven, it was impossible to find in stores. I had gluten free ravioli once while in New York city. I hunted down a restaurant. It was delish.


When I first came across Coori, I almost dropped to the floor. They make GF spinach and ricotta gluten free ravioli and it was so lovely. It didn’t break apart, boiled to perfection and tasted delicious with their red pepper pesto. If you’re craving this Italian dish, Coori is your place. They deliver! I really can’t wait until it comes into stores. They also have other amazing gluten free products which you should definitely check out. 

Las Iguanas Gluten Free Menu

July 13, 2015

It has been a long time since hubby and I have been on a date night!! Saving every penny to do up our new house! But on Saturday the weather was so lovely in London and we were out all day so decided to have a nice date night dinner too. 

We went to Las Iguanas. Second time for me, first time for hubby. Their gluten free menu is extensive and amazing!!! Even my hubby was amazed. We decided to get the 1/2 blazing bird. It was big enough for us to share and we go the nachos. It was all sooo delicious! And those portions were just perfect for us. 

The meat was tender and the sauce was very tasty. And the best part. I didn’t get sick after. I told the waitress to be careful and pass on message to chefs and it was well worth it! If you haven’t been Las Iguanas, I highly recommend it!!! 

Gluten Free Fried Chicken in London - BIRD Restaurant

June 29, 2015

When I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, I had three weeks until my biospy. My doctor said, I know you feel terrible, but for three more weeks you have to eat normal. That was my green light to eat everything I love one last time… in three weeks. I felt like utter crap, but I ate everything.

One thing I love and forgot to eat was fried chicken! 

So after 5 years of no fried chicken … BIRD came to the rescue. A coeliac friend of mine in London told me about it and my hubby and I actually went their to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary!

It was so so delicious! Esp. the spicy buffalo. The wings had this crispy coat to it and the fries were delish. 

All the chickens and sauces on the menu were gluten free. But not the waffles. I look forward to the day when there are gluten free waffles and donuts on the menu! (also a weakness of mine)

If you miss a crispy chicken and love wings. This place is for you. I promise your coeliac tummy and heart will leave happy!!! 

Gluten Free Wrap at Pret a Manger

February 16, 2015

One of my favorite meals of the day is lunch. I love wraps and sandwiches and wish shops had more gluten free options for coeliacs. With so many great GF breads and a few wraps, more restaurants and shops should try to adopt their sandwiches/wraps to gluten free!  

When Pret a Manger introduced a gluten free wrap, I was really happy! Prets are everywhere in London, so its nice to have the option of just going to a normal sandwich shop. They use Warburton’s wraps, which I love and the harissa chicken filling was delicious. My husband couldn’t believe it was gluten free. 

But Pret a Manger does give a disclaimer on their website on how it can not guarantee that any of their products are allergen free. 

While paying for my wrap, I even noticed they had a gluten free popcorn born! I haven't tried it, but happy to know the option is out their for your sweet tooth. 

Especially at a sandwich shop, the whole gluten free thing does make me uneasy… but once I ate the wrap, I felt fine. So for now, this delicious wrap is on my safe list. 

Kirsty's Gluten Free Meals

February 02, 2015

When I’m at work, the day is always better when I have a yummy lunch to look forward too. I love shopping at different grocery stores as well, because there is always a different selection of gluten free items. 

On one of my trips to a new Sainsburys hubby and I haven’t been to, there was a whole section in the fridge aisle dedicated to gluten free items. This was something I hadn’t seen before. Various dishes from No G which I’ve tried before and they were really nice. But I saw a new brand I hadn’t seen before — Kirsty’s 

They had a few various dishes, so I picked up the Moroccan Vegetables with Quinoa and my hubby picked up the Spanish Chicken with Brown Rice. It was also on sale, which made it even better :) 

So one lunch, I went to go warm it up. I was so surprised with the portion. Such a healthy filling portion and only 276 calories!!! Oh man it was delicious. I finished every spec of the dish. It is so filling and so healthy and tasted delicious, which made it even better. Hubby was also raving about the Spanish chicken dish. 

I hope to find this in other stores, otherwise I’ll have to keep making a trip to this Sainsbury’s just for Kirstys. I really hope I can find the Chicken Tikka Masala, that wasn’t on the shelf when I went! 

The Real Greek - Delicious Gluten Free Options

October 27, 2014

I’ve always walked by The Real Greek at various locations in London, but hubby and I have never been! 

We happened to be at Spitafields Market on a lovely Saturday afternoon and took a look at the menu. Really reasonable prices and little small plates, ideal for lunch! I’m not one for a big lunch otherwise I feel really full and just uncomfy for the rest of the day. 

The actual menu lists what is gluten free and what isn’t. Which is awesome! You don’t need to ask for a separate menu and just feel like an outcast. I ordered the htipti dip with the veggies, which was amazing! And for mains got the halloumi cheese and veggies. So yummy and the perfect amount for lunch.

Only thing I’d suggest for The Real Greek in the future is that it would be great to have gluten free bread or gluten free pita bread. 

If you haven’t tried it yet, definitely make a visit. 

Miss Gluten Free Beer? Celia Lager is Your Answer!

September 19, 2014

I recently visited GBK again. As mentioned in a previous blog I really enjoyed their burger … but this time I had something else to accompany it!  

It makes me happy that GBK has took the plunge and got gluten free beers available for their customers. I really think all pubs should. 

Celia taste just like a normal beer (from what I can remember a beer tastes like…) cold, refreshing and crisp. 

It won the FreeFrom Awards for the "Best Gluten Free Beer" of 2014 ... and its well deserver! If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed. 

Focaccia Per Tutti's Delicious Gluten Free Focaccia Bread

July 24, 2014

You know what really gets my mouth watering? When you walk into bakeries at stores like Whole Foods, Tescos and you see these delicious focaccia breads... and you think to yourself when will I ever get to try something that looks so yummy?

Focaccia Per Tutti's bread, really made that mouth watering dream a reality. I was reading an article on some of the best gluten free products out there and I saw the link for these focaccia breads. I immediately sent the link to my husband and asked him to order me some. And they were baked fresh and arrived the next day.

When they arrived my husband happened to be at home and he messaged saying, "wait until you see these breads they feel so soft and look delicious."

I got home and stuck one in the oven and tried it immediately. The garlic and tomato one had so much flavor, was so tasty, so soft and just perfect. And most importantly, none of that gluten free after taste.

If you have not tried this product, get online and order it. Its been a long time since I've tried some gluten free deliciousness!

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